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Bio – Elaine Poulin

Elaine Poulin, Health and Wellness Specialist

Elaine, a communications graduate, has devoted the past 10 years at offering wellness programs and tools to people in need. After spending time volunteering at the Palliative Care Unit of the Ottawa Mission, Elaine responded to a longing of the soul. In 2005 she sold her thriving gift basket business. One year later she sold her home and traveled to Africa to help the sick and less fortunate in one of the world’s poorest countries, Burkina Faso. Elaine worked as a volunteer for 10 months to implement social activities for members of an African based association whom struggled with the effects of HIV. This experience changed the course of her life. Upon her return, despite a growing sense of vulnerability, Elaine continued to work with the sick and the dying in long-term health care facilities and palliative care units for 3 years. In 2010, Elaine was diagnosed with delayed onset post-traumatic stress disorder and a major depression.

Mobilizing all of her resources towards full personal empowerment, Elaine was able to recover. Through the sharing of her experiences in her workshops, Elaine demystifies PTSD and speaks on how she stabilized her wound. The road to recovery has been an inspiring process of personal growth which she has pushed herself to undertake. After spending 18 months in intensive EMDR treatments, Elaine developed a personal mission of helping others through her writings and workshops.

Her sense of curiosity, engagement and willpower has continued to flourish over the past 3 years through research and continued education in the field of resiliency building. She has completed her reflexology training and studied the principles of coaching and integral development through New Ventures West. Her keen interest in the field of neuroscience has led her to attend a conference in New York by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This knowledge she shares in her workshops.

In 2015, Elaine has presented a workshop on PTSD to a team of nurses from the Federal Government. As well, she presented a motivational seminar in May at the SHAW Center (Ottawa Convention Center) for the Association of Public Sector Information Professionals. She is listed as part of the speaker’s bureau of the Mental Health Commission of Canada.The professional challenges which Elaine has overcome in various work environments have made of her a natural motivator, a consummate humanist and an encouraging bilingual speaker and facilitator.

Elaine Poulin is the author of the book Perdre Sa Boussole, Reprendre Pied. She is presently finalizing the English version of the book which will be published in the fall of 2015. As indicated by the Honorable L’Gen Romeo Dallaire, in his preface to her book, Elaine shares very openly her difficult journey towards recovery. She demystifies PTSD and adds to the substance of our knowledge. As she confronts her powerlessness not only does she give value to her experience, she also invites those with similar wounds to step out of the shadows and live fully despite the wound.