Francoise Mathieu


La Société pour les troubles de l’humeur du Canada est dirigée par un conseil d’administration national dont les membres sont, pour la plupart, des usagers:

John Starzynski
Tracey Lynn Trudeau
Christopher Summerville
Victoria Smye
William Mussell
Cynthia Black

Le conseil d’administration est appuyé par:

Phil Upshall
Dave Gallson
Barbara Everett
Richard Chenier
Deb Turner
Ken Porter

Conseillers spéciaux pour les Services de soutien par les pairs

Sylvio Gravel
Brad McKay
Dr. Jeff Morley
Kurt Grant
Dr. Barbara Anschuetz
Deanna Lennox
Joddie Walker
Alexandra Heber
Dr. Isabelle Gamache
Tamara Gaboury
Tom Gabriel
Ron Campbell
Danny Bowers
Dave Connor
Neil Orr
K. Paul MacKenzie
Dwight Powless
Elaine Poulin
Linda Antoniazzi
Bio-Dr. Manuela Joannou
Francoise Mathieu

Un appui supplémentaire fourni par:

Bill Ashdown

Bio – Francoise Mathieu

Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP., CCC., Compassion Fatigue Specialist, Co-Executive Director, TEND

Françoise is a Registered Psychotherapist in the province of Ontario and compassion fatigue specialist. Her experience stems from 20 years as a crisis counsellor, working in hospital, university counselling service and community mental health environments. Françoise is co-executive director of TEND, whose aim is to offer counselling, consulting and training to helpers on topics related to organizational health, secondary trauma, self-care, wellness, burnout and compassion fatigue. Since 2001, Françoise has given hundreds of seminars on compassion fatigue and self-care across North America to thousands of helping professionals in the health care fields.

Françoise is an engaging and dynamic speaker who offers evidence-based solutions to helpers seeking validation and new strategies to remain healthy while working in this challenging and rewarding field. Her positive outlook and commitment to helping clients excel are hallmarks of her work. Françoise is fluently bilingual in English and French and can present in either languages. She is the author of “The Compassion Fatigue Workbook” which was published by Routledge in 2012 as well as several articles and publications.